What are the mission, vision, and values of Pride House?

Jen Watts


Pride House International supports local communities to advance LGBTI inclusion and combat homophobia and transphobia through and throughout large-scale sporting events.


LGBTI people are equitably welcomed and engaged in every large-scale sporting event.


Local leadership – We believe that local communities are best equipped to envision and deliver programming in response to, or in connection with, large-scale sporting events in their region.

Shared History – We believe that the expertise of past Pride House initiatives form an invaluable resource and must be documented and shared.

Best Practices – We believe that we have a shared responsibility to ensure the continued growth and momentum of the Pride House movement through the development of best practices.

Collaboration – We believe that our success depends on the effective engagement of allies from throughout the sport community and the diverse regions of the world.

Inclusion – We recognize the full diversity of LGBTI communities and the intersectional nature of identity. We are committed to advancing the inclusion of all people with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, as represented by the acronym “LGBTI”.