Pride House and the men’s World Cup

Soccer/football is the most popular sport in the world, and the men’s World Cup is the most widely watched sporting event. It engages massive numbers of spectators from around the globe.

Yet, for the past eight years—two full cycles—the World Cup has been hosted in countries hostile to LGBTIQ+ people.

The United 2026 World Cup is an enormous opportunity to show up for LGBTIQ+ human rights while participating in a sport that we love.
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Pride House International coordinating 16 LGBTIQ+ spaces during the United 2026 men’s World Cup

There will be Pride Houses for LGBTIQ+ fans, athletes, and allies in all 16 host cities across Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

SCOTLAND, Oct. 18, 2023 — Pride House International (PHI) announced today a far-reaching LGBTIQ+ inclusion, visibility, and human rights initiative to coincide with the 2026 men’s World Cup which is taking place in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Pride House United 2026 will be concurrent Pride Houses, organized and delivered by local LGBTIQ+ organizations, in each of the 16 host cities across all three countries.

“In the relatively short history of Pride House, we’ve witnessed the concrete, positive, and lasting impact of these spaces on individuals, communities, and sport at large,” says PHI Trustee, Keph Senett. “The United 2026 men’s World Cup offers an unprecedented opportunity for communities across the entire continent of North America to show up for LGBTIQ+ human rights and visibility while participating in the most popular sport in the world.”

“Soccer is a community and nobody should be excluded. Spaces like Pride Houses are positive examples of how we can include everyone. When I came out, it was important to add something to the conversation to move us forward and now the main challenge is to continue speaking up, and to make sure everyone feels welcome in the game," adds Thomas Hitzlsperger, Ambassador for Diversity for Deutscher Fußball-Bund, the German Football Association.

As of this release, PHI has signed memoranda of understanding with delivery organizations in nine of the 16 host cities.

  • Pride House Atlanta will be delivered by LGBTQ supporters’ group All Stripes
  • The Montrose Center and LGBTQ club Space City Pride FC will partner for Pride House Houston
  • Both the Pride Houses in Mexico City and Monterrey will be delivered by Mexican NGO DIDESEX A.C.
  • The Out Athlete Fund is delivering Pride House Los Angeles
  • The Pride Center at Equality Park and Pridelines will partner to deliver Pride House Miami
  • Pride House New York will be delivered by the LGBTQ soccer club, the New York Ramblers
  • LGBTQ soccer club, the Philly Falcons, will deliver Pride House Philadelphia
  • QMUNITY, which was a key partner in the inaugural activation in 2010, will return to deliver Pride House Vancouver

“We believe that local communities are best equipped to envision and deliver their own programming,” says PHI Trustee Lou Englefield. “As such, our goal is to support these organizations, especially those who are also stakeholders in soccer or football. We’ve been delighted by the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to our initial inquiries and look forward to securing agreements with the rest of our transnational Pride House partners.”

The first Pride House took place in Vancouver and Whistler, BC, Canada, at the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Since then, there have been Pride House activations at more than two dozen events across the Americas, and in Europe, Asia, and Australia. This project, however, will be the first time numerous concurrent Pride Houses have coordinated across an entire continent.

“Much has been said about the unifying power of sport, and indeed, this World Cup will put unity on display as three countries cooperate to deliver a world-class experience. As members of the LGBTQ+ community—a community that’s increasingly under attack from escalating violence, discriminatory rhetoric, and hostile laws—we’re eager to demonstrate strength, integrity, and solidarity. And, of course, take part in the world’s largest sports competition,” Senett said.