Pride House 2012 was a welcoming space for all athletes, staff, spectators and friends of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Initially, Pride House London 2012 was conceived as a commercial concept by a business entrepreneur. This model, which included a large-scale festival in one of London's parks, was endorsed by LOCOG. Unfortunately, plans for this Pride House fell through in the Spring of 2012, and a consortium of LGBT organisations led by Pride Sports stepped in to deliver a scaled-down Pride House concept for one week during the Games. Plans for the eventual Pride House 2012 were pulled together the space of two months.

The Pride House 2012 space, at the Cruising Association (CA House), was open to all from August 3 through 7th, 2012. The Pride House festival continued in various London venues until August 12th, the day of the Olympic closing ceremony.


In addition to the Pride House space at CA House, numerous associated events took place during the Olympics.


  • "Against the Rules - Lesbians and Gays in Sports" art exhibition
  • "Fearless" video presentation (see below)


  • Meeting on homophobia and the Olympic movement

Sports Programme

  • LGBT day with London Broncos Rugby League
  • Pride House football tournament
  • Pride House Tennis Taster
  • Pride House Docklands Dash
  • Pride House Bowling Bash

Community Building

  • Youth Day (for youth groups)
  • Pride House Picnic and Games Day
  • Pride House Party at Shadow Lounge

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