This list is designed to give you a quick overview of the kinds of things you need to consider in putting together a Pride House. For more detailed information, read the Documentation from previous Pride Houses.

Step 1: Planning

  1. Assemble Pride House committee(s).
  2. Identify local and global stakeholders. Begin building relationships.
  3. Define goals, vision, and requirements of community stakeholders.
  4. Define programming.
  5. Define budget and fundraising tasks and goals.

Step 2: Operations

  1. Secure venue(s) or virtual venues and identify backup venues.
  2. Identify and recruit required staff and volunteers (for example, photographers, security, speakers, performers).
  3. Identify and procure materials (for example, banners, seating, televisions).
  4. Apply for applicable permits (like liquor licences, event licenses, and venue licenses).
  5. Identify suppliers and get their timelines. For example, if you will have branded t-shirts or other swag, you need to know how soon they need your artwork.

Step 3: Communications

  1. Build a communications strategy. This is a key component especially for Pride Houses operating on a limited budget.
  2. Build website and set up social media.
  3. Build media mailing list and define strategy for press engagement.
  4. Produce logo and branding.
  5. Keep track of metrics (how many visitors, what was your reach on social media, what worked and what didn’t) for the final reports.

Step 4: Implementation

Delivery of Pride House

Step 5: Evaluation

  1. Debrief with the team and produce documentation.
  2. Deliver legacy documents, photography, and press clippings to Pride House International.